SMÅSTAD Changing table, white birch/with 3 drawers90x79x100 cm

This product comes as 8 packages.

Changing table/desk

This product has multiple packages.

Width: 78 cm Height: 7 cm Length: 103 cm Weight: 19.50 kg Package(s): 1

Width: 56 cm Height: 9 cm Length: 91 cm Weight: 15.39 kg Package(s): 1

Drawer front

Width: 15 cm Height: 2 cm Length: 61 cm Weight: 0.92 kg Package(s): 2

Drawer front

Width: 30 cm Height: 2 cm Length: 61 cm Weight: 1.86 kg Package(s): 1

Drawer without front

Width: 53 cm Height: 3 cm Length: 55 cm Weight: 3.13 kg Package(s): 2

Drawer without front

Width: 55 cm Height: 3 cm Length: 58 cm Weight: 5.24 kg Package(s): 1

Comfortable height for changing the baby.Practical storage space within close reach: you can always keep a hand on your baby.When your child no longer uses diapers, you can lower the top shelf and use the furniture as a desk for homework or being creative.Drawer stop; prevents drawers from being pulled out fully and falling down.The fixed shelf below the changing table can be fitted to the right or to the left.Never leave your child unattended on the changing table.WARNING! TIPPING HAZARD – Unanchored furniture can tip over. This furniture shall be anchored to the wall with the enclosed safety fitting to prevent it from tipping over.We recommend that you use a changing pad with dimensions that fit the changing table and which is max. 2 cm thick. Place the changing pad in the middle of the changing surface.Knobs and handles are sold separately.May be completed with UPPRYMD and RASSLA boxes - perfect for storing small things that have a tendency to disappear. Sold separately.May be completed with HÄNGIG label holder to keep things organised and easier to find. Sold separately.Different wall materials require different types of fixing devices. The included screws are suitable for wooden materials and the wall plugs can be used for plaster, concrete or masonry. Follow the instructions for the wall type in your home.


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